Coastcrete Constructions is committed to undertaking its business in a manner that recognises the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. We are committed to minimising environmental impacts in all our operations by:

  • Complying with all applicable laws, regulations and statutory obligations relating to environmental issues
  • Managing environmental and related issues in accordance with any client requirements, policies and procedures
  • Maintaining, monitoring, reporting, reviewing, auditing and continually improving our Environmental Management System and programmes that are consistent with certification requirements of ISO 14001
  • Providing sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain the Environmental Management System
  • Applying waste minimisation principles
  • Taking all practicable steps to prevent pollution and other adverse effects
  • Educating and training our people to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and best practises
  • Establishing and reviewing meaningful and accurate environmental performance measures and communicating appropriately to our people
  • Identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving all environmental incidents and non-conformances
  • Establishing, reviewing and communicating performance measures and taking action to improve outcomes
  • Reporting to the Board on environmental performance, including infringements and regulatory non-compliance
  • Pursuing Ecologically Sustainable Development initiatives and programmes that are consistent with current technical knowledge
  • Communicating regularly with community groups and key stakeholders on environmental issues